JAMES, 31, Single, Sydney 

Income: 130k

Property Portfolio: 4 bdr Sydney house 950k

Property Education Level: Beginner

Goals: Build property portfolio for future financial freedom while also maintaining current standard lifestyle

Type of Investor: Passive. Doesn't want portfolio management to become second job


PREVIOUSLY: Heard from friends they've purchased a property in Melbourne for 730k through a Buyer's Agent. Rental $650 per week. Planning to engage the same BA to obtain similar for second investment property

THEN.. Heard of what Chatham Projects is doing. He didn't believe the amazing positive cashflow returns were accurate. They answered every question he had and he had a lot. They showed him similar projects they had. The numbers crunched and he formally engaged them. Reviewed several deals and feasibility studies, becoming more and more confident that this is the strategy to build his portfolio

NOW: Found the right land and location that fit Jame's criteria and budget. Building 5 bdr boarding house on 330sqm lot across from a shopping centre.

Project: 5 studio boarding house brand new. 2 storey on 330sqm 

Costs: 765k

Money down: 153k (80% LVR Residential loan)

Timeframe: 8-9 months from settlement

Projected Weekly Income: $1440 per week

Annual Gross Rent: $74,880

$74,880 VS $33,800 gross annual rent


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NOTE: While James is a real client we've changed his name to protect his privacy. The images above are from a recently completed project for another client but very  to James's project.

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